Updated theme and WordPress customization

I’ve updated this blog to use the “Twenty Fourteen” theme.

I’ve recently spent a lot of time modifying WordPress blogs at work (creating custom templates and modifying their PHP code to add my own functionality, making specific customizations that are not possible via the wordpress admin dashboard)

Using the knowledge gained from that I have begun to modify my own blog. What I have done so far is create the site’s welcome page using a custom template. The template shows the page content (the welcome message) and below that the most recent ten posts.

The “Twenty Fourteen” theme offers a choice of either showing a static page (WordPress has ‘pages’ and ‘posts’)… OR the recent posts. My modification is a hybrid of those options.

Hopefully I’ll make more customizations to the blog to make it less generic-wordpress-blog and more notails-photography-website’s-blog

My old website

I stumbled upon this after googling my name* I forgot it existed!


At time of writing I am not able to access the site to make changes… Maybe I want to keep it as it is (for as long as manx net allow it to continue existing)

*Started typing ‘Peter’ into google for an unrelated reason. Google auto completed it. I went ahead and searched 🙂