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I used to love the website It is now a parked (not the same website any more). For a while I’ve wanted to re-create it myself as a kind of PHP learning excercise. Well I have done so, albeit in a very simplistic way.

It will evolve over time (assuming I keep working on it) and I will eventually create a moderated uploader so that anyone can add images. (moderated meaning they won’t make it onto the list until I’ve approved them)

[Edit 18sep09] The uploader is now operational. There is a link to it underneath the images being paired. I have also made some minor layout changes.

Fallout 3 – Keep the game alive

Fallout 3 challenges to keep the game alive after maxing the level.

  • Get/Do all the expansion packs (the broken steel pack increases your level cap to 30)

You can do them at any point in the game (except for broken steel which yo do after project purity). Some are easy, some are hard.

  • Get all the S.P.E.C.I.A.L bobbleheads.
  • Get all the Skill bobbleheads.
  • Raise all your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills to 10.
  • Find all the skill books.
  • Raise all your skills to 100 using skill books (you can’t raise them all to 100 just by levelling, Unless you cheat)
  • Do all the missions.
  • Do lots of trading to make yourself rich.

(use the comments to suggest more)

ipod touch.

I recently bought an ipod touch (second generation).

I am fishing for recommendations of apps to download. So far I have minigore, worms, facebook, skype, air mouse, radio times, geared, and need for speed undercover. I have already realized a mistake in the reasoning for getting an ipod – Namely that I was impressed by some of the apps for the iphone and I understood that the ipod could play the same apps. The mistake being that those apps which I was impressed by required a camera. I expect many apps also require a phone. My ipod has neither. I was put off buying and iphone because under no circumstances can I possibly even begin to contemplate the ludicrous idea of buying anything other than the best, and the best being the iphone 3gs. (the newer, faster iphone) I listened politely to the pleasant young man tell me the ‘replacement’ price and then struggled to maintain a level of discreet behaviour that is required in public places. One thousand pounds is about twice as much as I’m prepared to pay for a fricking phone. And at that a phone with about half the space capacity of my ageing zen vision m, and a fraction of the capacity of other cheap devices.